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The World’s Favourite Vegan Recipes

  • The most searched for recipe every year is vegan cakes and cupcakes with 46,500 worldwide searches this month
  • The recipe that has increased searched most in the last five years is vegan soup recipe, up a whopping 9,950%
  • The recipe with the smallest total increase in searches is vegan sausage roll recipe, having increased by just 1,260 searches in the past five years

Veganism has taken a huge leap in the last five years – there were 284,800 searches this month for ‘vegan recipes’ on Google worldwide. Since we’ve been relying more on home cooked food recently, experts at decided to find out how the vegan recipes we make at home have changed over the past five years.

To find trend data, analysed Google search data on SEMrush for the most popular vegan recipes from 2017 to 2021.

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How our tastes have changed:

Between 2017 and 2021, the recipe with the highest percentage increase in search volumes was vegan soup – up a huge 9,950%!

The second largest increase was for vegan chilli, up 4,380% since 2017, and the third largest increase was for vegan sausage rolls, up 4,100%.

Based on increases in search volumes between 2019 and 2021, were able to create ‘the world’s ideal vegan menu’ for 2021.

They can also reveal which type of meal has had the most increased searches in the last five years. Coming joint first are vegan dinner recipes and vegan lunch recipes, both up 380%. Next is vegan snack recipes, up 310%, and finally vegan breakfast recipes, up 233%.

Most Googled recipes of 2021: also discovered the most searched for recipes of 2021 are so far. Vegan cake or cupcake recipes were the most Googled with 46,500 searches this month. Vegan soup recipe is a close second with 40,200 searches, and vegan pasta recipe ranks third with 34,800 worldwide searches this month. Fourth is vegan banana bread recipe with 27,900 searches, and fifth is vegan pancake recipe with 23,900.

The least Googled recipes of those reviewed is vegan sausage roll recipe. Despite achieving the third highest increase, it only achieved 2,100 monthly searches. Second least is vegan or jackfruit pulled pork recipe with 2,300 searches, and third from bottom is vegan fudge recipe with 3,300 searches this month.

Sweet vs. Savoury:

They also discovered that we are searching more for savoury recipes in 2021. Searches for sweet recipes have gone up by a total of 128,510 searches, and savoury recipes have increased by 133,150 from the search terms analysed.

From search volumes, the most searched sweet recipe in 2021 was for vegan cakes or cupcakes with 46,500 searches, and the most searched savoury recipe was vegan soup with 40,200 searches. The top five searches consist of three sweet recipes and two savoury recipes.

From search volumes, the least searched sweet recipe was vegan fudge recipe with 3,300 searches, and the least searched savoury recipe was vegan sausage roll with 2,100 searches.

In terms of search volume changes, savoury recipes have increased the most in the past five years. From the terms analysed, savoury searches increased by 29,882%, but sweet recipes only increased by a total of 5,292%. The most increased sweet recipe was vegan banana bread, up 1213%, and the most increased savoury recipe was vegan soup recipe, up 9,950%.

The least increased sweet recipe was vegan fudge, up 200%, and the least increased savoury recipe was vegan noodle recipe, up just 150% since 2017.

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