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Yellowstone the world’s most popular National Parks, according to TikTok

From Yellowstone to the Lake District, these are the most popular National Parks around the world, according to TikTok. 
The team at ParkSleepFly analysed the video view counts of popular National Parks hashtags on TikTok, to reveal the most popular National Parks in the US, UK and around the world. 
You can view the full research here:
The Most Popular National Parks Around the World on TikTok

RankNational ParkLocationTikTok #TikTok Views
1Yellowstone National ParkUSA#yellowstone630,300,000
2Denali National ParkUSA#denali291,500,000
3Yosemite National ParkUSA#yosemite279,800,000
4Grand Canyon National ParkUSA#grandcanyon249,200,000
5Göreme National ParkTurkey#göreme122,900,000
6Joshua Tree National ParkUSA#joshuatree120,800,000
7Glacier National ParkUSA#glaciernationalpark115,000,000
8Lake District National ParkUK#lakedistrict105,900,000
9Kruger National ParkSouth Africa#krugernationalpark98,700,000
10Redwood National ParkUSA#redwoodnationalpark95,200,000

It is no secret that Yellowstone National Park draws in tourists from all over the world, thanks to its incredibly photogenic landscapes and its unique variety of sceneries: from mountainous landscapes to waterfalls and forests! This may explain why the national park is the most popular on TikTok, with 630.3 million views, 339 million views ahead of second place.
Seven out of the world’s top 10 National Parks are located in the US, with Yellowstone, Denali, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree and Glacier National Park all ranking in the top 10.
The remaining 3 places in the top 10 are Göreme National Park in Turkey (5th), the Lake District National Park in the UK (8th), and Kruger National Park in South Africa (9th).
The research also revealed the top 3 least popular National Parks on TikTok: 

RankNational ParkLocationTikTok #TikTok Views
1Kobuk Valley National ParkUSA#kobukvalley124
2Gwaii Haanas National ParkCanada#gwaiihaanas822
3Gunung Mulu National ParkBorneo#gunungmulunationalpark855

Kobuk Valley National Park ranks lowest on the global National Park list. This park is one of the most inhospitable listed with temperatures often dipping below 0. It also lies close to the arctic circle making it an unpopular choice of park for many, leading to its low number of views. 
Gwaii Haanas National Park ranks as the 2nd least popular. Its landscape consists of deep fjords and rugged mountains, some of which reach 3,609 feet. The fact this island is so inaccessible could be the reason the view count for this National Park is one of the lowest listed. 

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