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World Map Reveals the Hottest Cosmetic Brands

● Avon is the most loved cosmetic brand around the world, featuring in 37 countries, searched more than 2.3 million times on average per month.
● The Body Shop takes second place as the most searched brand in 28 countries.
● Guerlain, Lancôme, Clarins, Benefit and Bobbi Brown are among the world’s least popular brands – not featuring across any country.

Cosmetic brands have become an absolute essential in the daily routine of millions of people around the globe. But which brand is most loved in every country around the world?

A study was conducted by the beauty experts at, partnering with Google search analytics site SEMrush to examine the average monthly search volumes for 15 notable make-up brands, sourced from Brandirectory’s 2021 report, across all countries, revealing every country’s favourite!

Which brands are the most loved worldwide?

Avon is the cosmetic brand most loved around the world, topping the lists of 37 countries from the 119 researched in total. The brand was most notable in Brazil, fetching an estimated average monthly search volume of 1 million, while the volume of its combined searches worldwide was 2,320,340.

Second place goes to The Body Shop. The cosmetic brand featured across 28 countries worldwide, as well as had a remarkable average search volume of 1 million per month recorded in the United Kingdom. In total, The Body Shop is searched more than 2 million times per month globally!

Following are Oriflame and Yves Rocher. Both cosmetic brands were firm favourites in 25 countries. Yves Rocher was determined as Europe’s favourite cosmetic brand, featuring in 15 of the 39 researched countries, with a combined search volume of 3,826,400.

Every continent’s favourite cosmetic brand:

● Africa – Avon (7 countries | 54,040 total search volume)
● Asia – The Body Shop (14 countries | 169,840 total search volume)
● Europe – Yves Rocher (15 countries | 3,826,400 total search volume)
● Oceania – The Body Shop (2 countries | 179,800 total search volume)
● North America – Avon (6 countries | 16,400 total search volume)
● South America – Avon (9 countries | 1,312,700 total search volume)

The world’s least popular cosmetic brands:

Out of the 15 make-up brands researched in total, 5 didn’t appear on any country’s favourite list. The brands include Guerlain, Lancôme, Clarins, Benefit and Bobbi Brown. Their combined search volume amounted to 1,497,240.

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