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World map reveals every country’s most popular streaming service

World domination and chill: World map reveals every country’s most popular streaming service

A new study by ElectricalDirect has revealed the most popular streaming services around the world.

The study analysed Google search volumes for 42 different streaming services in every country to determine the most popular streaming services in the world.

Netflix and Amazon Prime might dominate the UK market, but across the globe less common players such as Ivi and ESPN are taking the top spot. 

Netflix dominates as the world’s most popular streaming service

Despite Amazon vying to gain its share in the streaming market, it is the world’s original streaming service Netflix that comes out as number one. Last year, Tiger King was EVERYWHERE and this year hasn’t disappointed so far with Bridgerton, The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel and Queens Gambit all raking in insane numbers of views. 

Netflix, which was originally founded in 1997 to allow users of the service to borrow DVDs through the mail, remains the most popular streaming option in 94 countries, including the UK. It easily dwarfed any competition from Amazon Prime, which has only managed to gain the number one spot in 11 countries. Disney+, which only launched last year, takes the title in three countries.

Netflix dominates Europe as the most popular streaming service

Netflix’s global domination extends to Europe, stopping just short of having a monopoly on the continent, topping the list in 25 countries. Amazon Prime video comes second ranking as the top streaming service in Spain, as well as Turkey and Italy. Another European country bucking the Netflix trend is Denmark which, with 201k monthly searches, seems to prefer the offerings of HBO Max.

Netflix is the most in-demand streaming service in the UK with 60 million searches a year

Streaming ServiceUK Yearly Search Volume
Amazon Prime32,880,000
BBC iPlayer12,000,000
All 45,400,000
Apple TV2,952,000
HBO Max486,000

Brits are Netflix fans through and through. With sixty million searches for its services this year, it seems Brits are desperate to sign up following the announcement of new series and Netflix exclusives. Netflix dwarfs its nearest rival Amazon Prime, which gets just 274k searches. Disney+ comes in third place in the UK with over 18 million searches, releases such as Hamilton proving incredibly popular. 

The likes of BBC iPlayer (1M searches) and All 4 (450k searches) make the list, while Britbox – the national TV collaboration, aimed at gaining British broadcasters a share of the marker – only managed 301k searches. 

US-based Peacock has seen a 90% increase in searches year on year

Out of all streaming services analysed, Peacock, the US-based streaming service has seen the biggest growth in year on year interest. Offering content from multiple NBCUniversal channels, Peacock burst onto the scene in July 2020 and has seen a 90% increase in people searching for it year on year.

Although it is exclusively available in the US, it’s expected that the service will become available in the UK soon with NBC previously stating that Peacock might be available for Sky customers. 

The Future of Streaming

While streaming services are nothing new, their significance in culture has boomed over the last year. Due to coronavirus restrictions, they were one of the few remaining forms of entertainment left open to people.

Even prior to the pandemic Netflix, the original service, dominated the market. But with all services having seen a boost in the last 12 months, this may change, especially due to the arrival of Disney+. The Walt Disney Company have made no secret of their desire to take over a share in the streaming market, and as part of their strategy have announced 22 Marvel and Star Wars projects within the next year, in a bid to steal the crown. 

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