Winter Olympics: The Fastest Countries Revealed

With the Beijing Winter Olympics commencing this Friday (04/02/2022), the world will be watching the greatest athletes take to the snow. 

Interested in sporting outcomes, experts at were eager to find out which countries are the fastest at winter sports. Through analysing data from’s gold medalist results for 95 Winter Olympic events between 1924-2018, a ranked speed score for each country was established, revealing the fastest country of all time at the Winter Olympic Games!

The Fastest Countries at the Winter Olympics ….

Norway is the fastest country at the Winter Olympics with a total ranked speed score of 16.98 across their gold medal victories.

Germany (14.79), the United States (13.65) and the Netherlands (13.44) are also among the fastest countries. 

Canada comes in 10th with a ranked speed score of 7.34.

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