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Who is the most successful celebrity chef in the UK?

TV appearances, restaurant reviews and a clear social media following are a few of the many ways to measure a celebrity chef’s growing success. But the one that is often neglected, and perhaps the most important, is how good they are at teaching people how to cook.

The experts at wanted to find out which of Britain’s most well-known celebrity chefs have done the best job of passing on their skills to the public. To do so, they collated a comprehensive list of popular celebrity chefs from the UK, sourcing all of their cookbooks that are currently available to buy. Reviews for each cookbook were then recorded from, and averaged to determine which chef comes out on top. 

Key Findings 

1. Mary Berry is the nation’s favourite chef, ranking top of the list!

2. The rivalry between Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver continues as Gordon places 5th– with 33 cookbooks available on the market overall, leaving Jamie in 8th place with 22 books.

3. Jamie Oliver earns the most cookbook reviews on Amazon with more than 40,000!   

The results are as follows: 

  Rank  Chef  Number of books included (available on of reviews on AmazonAverage review score for all books (out of 5)
1Mary Berry 55 37,899 4.70 
2James Martin 10 6,302 4.68 
3Rick Stein 23 10,619 4.67 
4Gino D’Acampo 17 9,102 4.65 
5=Gordon Ramsay 33 14,736 4.62 
5=Ainsley Harriott 19 2,635 4.62 
6Nigella Lawson 14 14,185 4.59 
7Jamie Oliver 22 40,048 4.57 
8Delia Smith 37 5,528 4.56 
9Heston Blumenthal  13 1,610 4.53 

Coming first, with 55 cookbooks to her name, and a staggering 37,899 reviews, is Mary Berry! It would appear the warm and friendly demeanor that comes across on TV helped her achieve a final score of 4.70/5 overall, earning the title of the nation’s favourite cooking teacher.


Gordon Ramsay placed fifth overall (4.62/5) with the third largest number of cookbooks, having written over 33 books which have racked up nearly 15,000 reviews

However, the battle between the two is far from over as Jamie Oliver took the top spot in other areas. Despite coming 8th in the final rankings, he had the second highest number of reviews on Amazon with 40,048  found that out of all the books included, 5 Ingredients: Quick and Easy Food had the highest number of average monthly searches on Google, with approximately 6,600 individual searches for the title every month in the UK. 

Highest Rated Books:

The highest score for an individual cookbook was 4.8/5. Several chefs in the study had books with this score, but even the overachiever Mary Berry had 7 books with this almost perfect score.

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