Westie or Corgi: Maths reveals the most beautiful dog breeds in the world

We all have our favourite breeds of dogs, but what if there was a way of mathematically learning which dogs are the most beautiful?

Interested in finding out, money.co.uk applied the Golden Ratio* to some of the most popular dog breeds in order to find out which breeds come closest to the statistically perfect proportions.

The world’s most beautiful dog breeds

Rank Dog breed Golden Ratio score 
#1 Cairn Terrier 88.7% 
#2 West Highland White Terrier 87.5% 
#3 Border Collie 86.7% 
#4 Rhodesian Ridgeback 86.0% 
#5 Welsh Terrier 85.9% 
#6 Weimaraner 85.6% 
#7 Tolling Retriever 85.0% 
#8 Italian Greyhound 84.9% 
#9 Norfolk Terrier 84.3% 
#10 Pembroke Welsh Corgi 83.9% 

Money.co.uk can reveal that the world’s most beautiful dog is the Cairn Terrier. Not only are Cairn Terriers affectionate and playful, but they’re the most statistically beautiful dogs out there with a golden ratio score of 88.7%.

Placing second are West Highland White Terriers with a score of 87.5%. Not only do Westies make great family pets as they work well with children, but they’re just 12.3% off the perfect Golden Ratio proportions. 

Third place goes to Border Collies, scoring an impressive 86.7%

Ranking fourth most beautiful is the Rhodesian Ridgeback with a score of 86.0%, followed closely by Welsh Terriers with a Golden Ratio score of 85.9%.

The world’s least beautiful dog breeds

Rank Dog breed Golden Ratio score 
#1 Shih Tzu 41.0% 
#2 Bullmastiff 48.7% 
#3 French Bulldog 54.3% 
#4 Bulldog 56.3% 
#5 Rottweiler 60.0% 

Money.co.uk also found that the least statistically beautiful dog breed of all those analysed is the Shih Tzu. Despite the breed’s popularity over recent years, Shih Tzus only achieved a beauty score of 41.0%, quite a way off the perfect Golden Ratio proportions.

The second-least beautiful breed is the Bullmastiff with a score of 48.7%. Third place goes to the French Bulldog, with the breed scoring 54.3%.

Salman Haqqi, pet insurance expert at money.co.uk, comments on the findings:

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and regardless of the ranking position of a dog’s breed, every dog no matter its shape or size should be appreciated. One of the most important ways to care for any dog is to make sure it is fully insured so that any unforeseen expenses can be easily taken care of, allowing you and your pets to enjoy your time together without worry.”

*The Golden Ratio is a mathematical formula found in nature, architecture, and even music, that indicates a balanced and aesthetically pleasing composition. The closer the proportions of each dog breed to the proportions of the Golden Ratio, the more statistically beautiful the breed is considered to be.

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