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Top 15 European cities with the most beautiful homes, Pinterest data reveals

One in three travellers turn to social media for holiday inspiration. From breathtaking sceneries to grandeur monuments, taking pictures when travelling has become a tourist norm. So which European cities have the most picture-perfect homes?

Intrigued by a 50% surge* in searches for the “most beautiful European cities” over the past 3 months, Alan Boswell Landlord Building Insurance utilised Pinterest to uncover the European cities with the most picturesque homes. To do this, the experts analysed the total number of home-related pins and boards to assign a final ‘aesthetic home score’ for each city.

Top 15 European cities with the most beautiful homes

RankCityCountryTotal no. of pinsTotal no. of boardsAesthetic home score/10
1LondonUnited Kingdom68,5316539.81
12EdinburghUnited Kingdom5,2331107.65

Topping the list of Europe’s most beautiful homes is England’s capital, London – earning a near-perfect ‘aesthetic home score’ of 9.81/10. From the Victorian masterpiece, Palace of Westminster, to the stunning Georgian architectural style at Somerset House, the city features on a whopping 68,531 pins and 653 Pinterest boards to date.

Tip: To grasp the essence of British eccentricity, get creative and approach your interiors with playfulness. Mix and match colours, textures and patterns; and embrace colour blocking and stark geometrics.

Berlin claims a close second with an ‘aesthetic home score’ of 9.62/10. Amassing an impressive 27,439 pins and 435 boards, the attractive German capital is awash with urban aesthetics and gritty textures.

Tip: To add a touch of Berlin to your décor, remember that art is anything you make it. Unexpected finds on the streets or in second-hand stores (eg. antique lamps) can easily create a carefree vibe that’s artsy and edgy.

In third place is Paris (9.43/10). Accumulating 26,557 pins and 366 boards on Pinterest so far, the 19th-century Haussmann building style that dominates the French capital has mesmerised globetrotters with its timeless double windows and stone facades.

Tip: Decorate with a mix of family heirlooms, vintage pieces and contemporary furniture for a Parisian chic vibe with juxtaposed periods and styles. However, avoid over-staging and leave breathing space for your furniture!

Homes in Amsterdam rank fourth most beautiful across Europe with its iconic canal houses (9.25/10) – narrow and wonky – earning 25,061 pins and 345 boards on Pinterest. Rounding off the top five most-loved European homes are Italy’s Rome and Naples, both achieving an ‘aesthetic home score’ of 8.97/10.

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