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Top 10 most popular botanical gardens in Europe, Instagram data reveals!

From lush plants to aesthetically pleasing layouts, botanical gardens offer us nature to explore and a multitude of plants to admire. When stepping into an oasis of flowers, there are many opportunities to photograph the best blooms of the season!

Interested to find out which botanical gardens in the world we enjoy the most, Savoy Stewart decided to compile Instagram data for 70 popular botanical gardens, highlighting the most Instagrammable botanical gardens that we can’t get enough of photographing and sharing!

Key findings 

  • Kew Gardens in England is crowned the most instagrammable botanical garden in Europe with over 807k tags.
  • Keukenhof in the Netherlands ranked second with over 665k tags and Jardin des plantes in France came third with over 270k tags.
  • Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is the most instagrammable botanical garden in the world, with over 1.2 million tags.

Europe’s Most Instagrammable Botanical Gardens

Global RankingFardenLocationNumber Of Instagram Hashtags
2Royal Botanic Gardens Kew London, England807,588
3KeukenhofLisse, Netherlands665,836
8Jardin des plantesParis, France270,061
9The Eden ProjectCornwall, England262,448
20Copenhagen Botanical GardenCopenhagen, Denmark53,476
21Mirabell GardensSalzburg, Austria50,027
22Monet Garden Giverny, France43,328
24The Alnwick Garden Northumberland,England43,084
25Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh Edinburgh,Scotland36,556
27Real Jardín BotánicoMadrid, Spain32,595

1. Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, England – # 807,588

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London, England is crowned the most Instagrammable botanical garden in Europe with over 807 thousand hashtags on Instagram! From a royal palace in the 18th century to a modern day world-leading garden and research institution, Kew Gardens boasts a large and diverse collection of over 50,000 different plants and around seven million preserved specimens. When you scroll through the Kew Garden tags on Instagram, you are also greeted with images of Temperate House, the timeless Victorian-era greenhouse, known as the largest Victorian glass structure in the world. 

2. Keukenhof, Netherlands  –  # 665,836

Coming in second place is the floral spring garden Keukenhof in Lisse, Netherlands with 665 thousand photos tagged. With 7 million flower bulbs planted each year, Keukenhof is known for its large range of flowers, and especially for tulips. Despite its limited eight weeks of opening time annually, over 1.5 million visitors around the world come to catch the full bloom of tulips during mid March and May.

3. Jardin des plantes, France – # 270,061

With over 270 thousand photos tagged, Jardin des Plantes ranks third place in Europe and 8th overall in the worldwide ranking. With a history of the Royal Garden of Medicinal Plants dating back to the 17th century, Jardin des Plantes now consists of seven unique gardens including one  featuring medicinal herbs of traditional use. 

World’s top 5 most Instagrammed botanical gardens

Global RankingBotanical gardenLocationNumber Of Instagram Hashtags
1Gardens by the BaySingapore, Singapore1,209,129
2Royal Botanic Gardens Kew London, England807,588
3KeukenhofLisse, Netherlands665,836
4Kenroku-en Garden in KanazawaKanazawa, Japan448,508
5Jardin MajorelleMarrakesh, Morocco298,671

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore – # 1,209,129

Savoy Stewart can reveal that Gardens by the Bay in Singapore is crowned the most Instagrammable botanical garden in the world, with over 1.2 million photos tagged! Located in the bay area of Singapore, this futuristic national garden is dedicated to the country’s vision of creating a “Garden City”. With the world’s largest greenhouse Flower Dome, architectural masterpiece Supertrees, and Children’s Garden, it is no wonder that it is such a popular location for horticulture lovers and families from across the world. 

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