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TikTok’s Most Popular Non-Surgical Procedures, With Expert Opinion

TikTok has become one of the most influential platforms in recent times and no stranger to its selective nature is the beauty industry which has a strong presence in many people’s for you page. It is now common for people to rely on the platform for videos that detail the steps involved in cosmetic procedures as well as before and after comparison. Most importantly to see if the benefits outweigh the risks!

With that in mind, the experts at sought to find out what the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures are on TikTok in 2021. 

By compiling a list of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, they analysed the top two viewed hashtags of each procedure on TikTok and totalled their views to discover which is the most popular overall. collaborated with founder of Lolface, Lauren to get a beauty Industry expert’s opinion on the benefits and risks of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. 

THESE are the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures on TikTok

RankNon-surgical cosmetic procedureNumber of views
1Lip Filler 2,126,600,000
2Teeth Whitening 1,301,700,000
3Microblading 1,129,500,000
4Brow Lamination544,700,000
5Lip Blushing 138,600,000
6Thread Lift 91,800,000
7Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty 43,900,187
8Non-Surgical Face Lift15,700,195
9Jawline Contouring 10,100,000
10Non- Surgical Butt Lift 9,364,500

In first place is the ever-popular lip filler procedure with an astounding 2,126,600,000 views on TikTok. Many people are willing to risk potential permanent side effects in order to achieve the perfect plump pout. As such, lip fillers remain a popular choice for many people seeking enhancements. 

In second place with 1,301,700,000 views on TikTok is teeth whitening. This is a particular concern for brits who seek to dispel the notion that they have bad teeth. Teeth whitening promises to make your gnashers gleam so you can achieve a movie star smile.

Coming in at number three with 1,129,500,000 views on TikTokis microblading that promises to banish sparse eyebrows popularised in the 90’s and undo damage done by over-plucking. Now we are able to get the look of naturally bushy eyebrows like Cara Delevigne. 

Beauty expert Lauren offers an overview of the risks and benefits of microblading:  ‘Microbladed strokes mimic real brow hairs, so they look so natural! It’s so easy to keep on top of plucking them yourself too as your shape is already there for you to follow! You do need to come back each year for a top-up as the microblading will fade over time. There are a number of health conditions that would mean you can’t get microblading such as skin conditions like keloid scarring. It’s also not ideal if you have really oily skin, as the strokes won’t heal well. Lots of people think microblading will hurt, but I use two types of numbing creams so the whole treatment is really comfortable.

In fourth position is the new phenomena in the beauty world, brow lamination, which uses chemicals to perm your eyebrows and make them appear fuller. It has an impressive 544,700,000 views on TikTok. Lip blushing has a total of 138,600,000 views on TikTok. Another lip enhancing procedure that deposits pigment in your lips using needles to alter colour and shape to achieve a younger look.

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