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Tiktok Data Reveals the Most Popular Room to Renovate

Renovating is one of the best avenues to explore when looking to achieve your dream home and with apps like TikTok supplying us with constant tips, tricks, and #roomenvy, there seems no better place to look for inspo.

With #homerenovations maintaining a whopping 1.4billion views on TikTok, the home insurance experts at were keen to find out which home renovation projects are the most popular on the platform.

The most popular home renovations according to TikTok

 RoomTikTok Views
4Laundry Room21,300,000
9Living Room319,200

  According to TikTok data, can reveal the room renovation with the biggest popularity and seemingly inspiring people the most is the kitchen, with #kitchenrenovation currently seeing over 90 million views.

A viral kitchen renovation video that racked up over one million views within 24 hours of posting is by modern designer @perkinsonparkway. She showed an incredibly impressive before and after clip of her Ikea kitchen make over.

Bathroom renovations are the second most popular on TikTok, with #bathroomrenovation accumulating an impressive 67,600,000 views on the video app.

A popular three-part video series that saw Australian TikToker Chloe Grayling renovate the bathroom in her 1880s cottage racked up a total of over 3.5 million views. The detailed series and final reveal provided bathroom envy for all.

Garden renovations are the third most popular on TikTok, with a current view count of almost 22 million. A video by @diywithemma that showed the two-year transformation on her garden renovation gained just under one million views and had viewers praising the DIY-er and wanting more!

Taking the fourth spot is laundry room renovations with the tag overseeing 21.3 million views and in fifth is basement renovations, seeing just over 15 million views.

Rounding off the top 10 of popular home renovations is the shed, with a total of 171,500 TikTok views. A popular trend in #shedrenovation videos are turning unused sheds into hangout areas and bedrooms, like this viral video from @kidsfromthebarnyard!

Salman Haqqi, personal finance expert at said:

“Renovating your home can be a really exciting time, as it’s an opportunity to create a fresh new space without the hassle of having to move. However, it’s important to remember that most standard home insurance policies will not cover major renovation works, because there is an increased chance of something going wrong and you needing to make a claim.

“Most renovation projects will need separate cover for damage to building and content, theft of your content and building materials and personal accidents. It’s always worth reaching out to your existing home insurance provider to see if they can cover the work before your start. If not, you should consider taking out a specialist home renovation insurance policy to cover you in case the worst were to happen.”

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