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THIS TV Show Left Us Most Disappointed, According to IMDb Reviews

  • Golden Globe nominee Ozark is the most overrated show according to 39% of reviews
  • Stranger Things is in second with 36% of mentions, followed by Money Heist (32%) in third place
  • The Crown, Friends and Breaking Bad are also among the most overrated shows
  • The Queen’s Gambit comes in 14th and Lucifer in last place (15th) as the least overrated shows

Many of us have high expectations when starting a new series, but have you ever watched an acclaimed show and found it didn’t live up to the hype?

Interested in this, sought to find out which shows are the most overrated according to fans. After surveying 3,249 people to find their top 15 overrated shows, they scraped IMDb reviews from each series to reveal the ones most described as ‘overrated’ by viewers.

What are the most overrated TV shows?

Ozark is the most overrated series. Despite dominating the Golden Globe 2021 nominations, including Best Drama Series, this was not enough to change viewers’ minds as 39% of reviews described the American crime drama as overrated.

The gory sci-fi series Stranger Things claims second place with 36% of reviews on IMDb describing it as “disappointing” and “over-hyped”.

Making the top 3 most overrated shows is Money Heist. Despite being the most-watched non-English show worldwide, 32% of viewers still found the Spanish crime drama over-hyped.

How I Met Your Mother claims fourth with 31%. With a controversial season 9 finale, it could be the reason for leaving so many viewers disappointed.

Making the top ten most overrated series are:

  1. Black Mirror – 31.10%
  2. Parks and Recreation – 30%
  3. The Office (US) – 29%
  4. The Crown – 28%
  5. Friends – 27%

10. Cobra Kai – 24%

What are the least overrated TV shows?

Flipping the results, in 15th place as the least overrated show is Lucifer (15%). Following it is The Queen’s Gambit. In 14th place, the record-breaking show revealed to have 16% comments describing it as over-hyped. Peaky Blinders places in 12th with 21% and Breaking Bad in13th with18%. Despite critics constantly comparing the two series by stating Peaky Blinders as the best show since Breaking Bad, IMDb reviews revealed that some people disagree!

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