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The World’s Most Searched for Renewable Energy Stocks, Revealed!

Investing is all the rage right now, with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin currently receiving unprecedented media coverage. Some experts are even speculating that now is the right time to invest in renewable energy stocks, as The Guardian reported that renewable energy stock growth was at its fastest rate in 2020 since 1999.

Resolute in investigating, energy experts at SaveOnEnergy.com/uk examined the most popular renewable energy stocks currently on the market from a range of sources*. Using SEMrush, they then calculated the average monthly UK search volumes for each stock to determine which is the most popular renewable energy stock that people are searching to invest in!

SaveOnEnergy.com/uk can reveal that Tesla is once again the most popular searched for renewable energy stock, with 21,800,000 average monthly searches around the globe.

The second most searched for renewable energy stock is Plug Power Inc., with 755,700 global monthly average search volumes.

Ranking third is General Electric Co., with just over half a million – 532,710.

Fourth: SunPower Corp.189,300

Fifth: Ørsted 150,100

Sixth: NextEra Energy133,700

Seventh: Canadian Solar Inc.90,000

Rounding off the bottom three, in eighth place, is First Solar, with a global average monthly search volume of 89,800.

Not too far behind in ninth is Enphase Energy Inc., at 89,290.

SaveOnEnergy.com/uk can reveal that the 10th most searched for renewable energy stock around the globe is Jinko Solar, with an average global monthly search volume of 61,500.

The 10 Least Searched for Popular Renewable Energy Stock

Renewable Energy StockTotal Global Monthly Average Search Volume
SunHydrogen Inc.14,140
Vestas Wind Systems13,500
Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp.10,440
DAQO New Energy Corp9,080
SolarEdge Technology7,800
Ormat Technologies7,600
China Recycling Energy Corp.2,080
Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure1,200
Fusion Fuel Green650

Verbund, an Austrian company specialising in hydro power, is the 16th most searched for renewable energy stock around the globe, with 22,780 average searches monthly.

17th: SunHydrogen Inc. – 14,120

18th: Vestas Wind Systems – 13,500

19th: Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp. – 10,440

20th: DAQO New Energy Corp. – 9,080

21st: SolarEdge Technology – 7,800

22nd: Ormat Technologies – 7,600

23rd: China Recycling Energy Corp. – 2,080

24th: Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure – 1,200

The least searched for renewable energy stock around the globe is Fusion Fuel Green, with only 650 global monthly average searches.

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