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The royals who could earn thousands on social media, revealed

Royal families have been setting trends and captivating attention for centuries, and now we get to see more glimpses inside their lives than ever before thanks to the accounts they’re opening on Instagram. But which royals are we most interested in online, and how much could our shared interest potentially earn them – in the unlikely event they ever needed to find some extra cash. 

Keen to find out, located famous royal family members’ Instagram accounts from around the world and used the tool Influencer Marketing Hub to determine how much money each royal could earn from one sponsored post, based on each account’s followers and engagement rate. 

We really hope you find this release useful. If you use the quote or any of the data, please provide a link to who commissioned this study. For more information as well as USD and GBP estimations, please see the attached Excel document. 

The results are as follows: 

 Royal(s) name Royal(s) country Instagram handle Estimated maximum earnings per post (€) 
#1 Prince William and Kate Britain @dukeandduchessofcambridge €37,724.00 
#2 Prince Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum Dubai @faz3 €36,604.00 
#3 The Queen and family Britain @theroyalfamily €29,768.00 
#4 Queen Rania of Jordan Jordan @queenrania €18,740.00 
#5 Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan  Jordan @alhusseinjo €8,405.29 
#6 Emmanuel Macron, Co-Prince of Andorra Principality of Andorra @emmanuelmacron €7,998.56 
#7 Prince Mateen of Brunei  Brunei @tmski €6,766.43 
#8 Princess Eugenie Britain @princesseugenie €4,526.18 
#9 Prince Charles and Camilla Britain @clarencehouse €4,485.00 
#10 The Royal Hashemite Court Jordan @rhcjo €3,715.99 
#11 Dutch Royal family Netherlands @koninklijkhuis €3,533.29 
#12 Lady Kitty Spencer Britain @kitty.spencer €3,263.59 
#13 Princess Haya of Jordan Jordan @hrhprincesshaya €2,358.00 
#14 The Danish Royal family Denmark @detdanskekongehus €2,336.00 
#15 Prince Achileas-Andreas of Greece and Denmark Greece @achi_of_greece €2,247.86 can reveal that the royals who could cash in the most on Instagram are Prince William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. With 13 million followers, the couple could earn up to €37,724 per sponsored post on their shared account. 

Placing second is Prince Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum of Dubai. The Prince is the highest-earning single royal family member, and a post to his 12.6 million followers could earn him up to €36,604

Placing third are the Queen and her family on their shared account, @theroyalfamily. The British monarch and her family could earn up to €29,768 per sponsored post with their 10.3 million followers. 

The fourth highest-earning royal could be Queen Rania of Jordan, whose 6.5 million followers could gain her up to €18,740 for every sponsored post. In fifth place is Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan. With nearly 3 million followers, he could potentially earn €8,405 per post. 

James Andrews, finance expert at, provides his tips on managing money earned through social media. 

“Despite how it may feel at the time, earnings through social media are not always reliable. Accounts can be hacked, platforms can be shut down and revenue streams can close overnight. Therefore, it is always advisable to save money in the same way you would a conventional job – whether you’re putting money towards your pension, saving for emergencies, or making a big purchase. 

“Earning money through social media is a form of self-employment, and earnings over a certain threshold need to be declared to the HMRC for tax purposes.  

“If you are working a job as well as earning through social media, this may put you over the threshold for the next tax band, so it is important to keep an eye on how much you are earning throughout the year as you may have more tax to pay than you originally expected.” 

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