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The Most Trolled Music Artists, Twitter Study Reveals

  • Cardi B is the most trolled artist on Twitter – 24.09% of tweets are negative
  • American rapper Roddy Ricch is the second most trolled at 22.47%
  • Harry Styles is the least trolled musician with just 7.08% of negative tweets
  • Billie Eilish is among the least trolled and receives the most love on Twitter (73.77% positive tweets)
  • Malemusicians are more trolled than female – 12 male vs. eight female artists make the top 20

OnBuy’s music department recently revealed that Billie Eilish has the most dedicated fans. But while we’ll fight to the death to back our idols, it seems we have a lot of negativity to throw at them too.

Who are the most trolled music artists? With the help of SEMrush, conducted Twitter sentiment analysis on the top 20 artists of the last year to reveal all!

Who is the most trolled on Twitter?

Cardi B is the artist receiving the most hate on Twitter, with almost a quarter (24.09%) of tweets being in a negative light. Whether it’s her outspoken nature, explicit lyrics or the fact we’re just jealous, she is the most trolled.

In second place is Roddy Ricch. The American rapper rose to fame in 2018 with his hit single ‘Die Young’, but his quick rise brought some backlash with it as 22.47% of tweets analysed are hateful.

Drake jumps in as the third most trolled musician online. Despite a household name in music and securing several number one hits, it’s surprising to see he received negativity in 22.24% of tweets.

Following closely behind in fourth and fifth are Future and Lewis Capaldi with 19.96% and 19.59% of tweets in a negative light, respectively.

Completing the top ten trolled artists are:

  • DaBaby19.37% negativity
  • SAINt JHN18.08% negativity
  • Tones and I15.94% negativity
  • The Weeknd 15.39% negativity
  • 24kGoldn – 14.03% negativity

Who is the most loved on Twitter?

Flipping the results, OnBuy can reveal that Harry Styles is the least trolled on Twitter. Sentiment analysis revealed just 7.08% of tweets were negative, and he received the second highest amount of positivity at 68.75%.

It appears Billie Eilish’s true-to-self attitude resonates with many online users. As well as being the second least trolled (7.63%) she also received the most love on Twitter with a whopping 73.77% positive tweets, showing female singer-songwriters around the world that they can achieve their dreams.

Also among the least trolled is Dua Lipa (7.92%), Doja Cat (9.90%), MNEK (10.41%) and Megan Thee Stallion (10.63%) – surprising considering the hate thrown her way in response to her situation with Tory Lanez.

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