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The most popular bathroom summer 2022 trends, according to Pinterest

As summer approaches, there has been a 5,000%* worldwide increase in online searches over the past month for ‘latest bathroom trends 2022’. With a clear demand for the latest bathroom trends, which are the most popular for summer 2022?

Interested in this, the experts at generated a seed list of the most popular bathroom trends, and inputted each trend into Pinterest. The total number of pins for each trend was thus obtained, ultimately uncovering the most popular bathroom trends to pick for summer 2022.

The Results:

Rank  Bathroom TrendTotal number of boardsTotal number of pins
1Bathroom fireplace992191,178
2Marble bathroom999161,137
3Vintage bathroom1,000158,256
4Industrial bathroom999125,389
5Patterned tiles bathroom99487,942
6Bathroom TV88859,073
7Bathroom plants1,00051,652
8Black Bathroom accents38048,329
9Organic bathroom56346,616
10Freestanding tubs98444,530 can reveal that the most popular summer 2022 bathroom trend is a bathroom fireplace, with an impressive 992 boards and 191,178 pins on Pinterest – that’s 223% more pins than bathroom TVs in sixth. Bathroom fireplaces are making a major comeback – not specifically for heating purposes, but to provide an element of cosiness to homeowners and an escape from the outside world. 

Tip: If you are unable to incorporate the addition of a bathroom fireplace, try placing some stools and benches for the perfect homely look.  

In second place are marble bathrooms, with 999 boards and 161,137 pins. Marble is versatile enough to match almost any modern trend, and the material is perfectly suited to monochrome and minimalist designs. Interestingly, marble bathrooms have been pinned 233% more than black bathroom accents in eighth place (48,329).

Tip: To achieve this minimalist aesthetic on a budget, go for a marble tile as it’s less expensive than marble slab – equally providing the perfect marble look.

In third place is vintage bathrooms with 1,000 boards and 158,256 pins – 26% more than industrial style bathrooms in fourth place (999 boards and 125,389 pins). 

Tip: Even the simplest heirloom passed down through generations can infuse a dose of retro charm into your bathroom, with particular furniture that evokes nostalgia. Antique Persian carpets and patterned drapes would be a perfect complement to a vintage bathroom.

In seventh and ninth place are bathroom plants (51,652 pins) and organic bathrooms (46,616 pins). Both of these bathroom trends are nature-inspired, and with the average person spending 90% of their day indoors, the trend for evoking the outdoors theme seems to be picking up substantially.

Tip: To achieve a desired biophilic design the key is to display plants to connect you to the outside world. Aloe vera, for example, will naturally calm you down, along with lavender infusions. In addition, lighting being a fundamental element of biophilic design, can be incorporated easily with strategically positioned and full-length windows.

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