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The most popular air-purifying plant this autumn

With the winter months almost upon us, and more of us spending time at home, it’s important to ensure the quality of air in the home is up to scratch.

Not only are plants a trendy and decorative accessory to have in your home, NASA’s clean air study revealed there are a number of plants that are also proven to help with indoor air quality by detoxifying the atmosphere in your home.

With this month showing “air purifying plant” reaching a 37% increase according to Google Trends, this inspired the home insurance experts at to uncover the trendiest air-purifying plants to have in your home this autumn. To do this, collated a list of air-purifying plants and utilised Instagram to gather each plant’s total hashtag volume, to determine which air-purifying plant is ultimately the trendiest.

The top 10 trendiest air-purifying plants this autumn

Air-purifying plantsInstagram hashtag volume
7Snake Plant379,079
8Peace lily188,591
9ZZ plant 153,367
10Chrysanthemums 128,983

The home insurance experts at can reveal the trendiest houseplant to own that will improve your homes air quality this autumn is the Philodendron with a whopping 1,732,679 hashtags on Instagram.

Caring for a Philodendron is easy, and their bright shiny green leaves will leave your home feeling fresh. Philodendron purifies air by removing formaldehyde, a chemical compound which tends to occur in building materials and can become threatening through long-term exposure when inhaled.

Just behind in second is Aloe, with 1,685,104 hashtags on Instagram. Although extremely important not to overwater them, Aloe is a simple plant to care for.

Aloe Vera plants have been used for generations for treatment of sunburn and other skin conditions. Not only does Aloe have natural anti-bacterial in its gel, but it is also packed full of vitamins. Additionally, Aloe can act as a natural air-purifier and reduces toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde and benzene.

Placing third for trendiest air-purifying plants is Calathea with 691,634 hashtags on Instagram. Calathea plants are a little more specific when it comes to caring for one in your home; in order to survive they need to be placed in a consistently warm and bright spot, yet not in direct light.

With their beautiful yet unique colouring, the Calathea plant purifies its surrounding air by filtering out a multitude of compounds that are poisonous.

In fourth is Anthurium with 669,064 hashtags on Instagram and in fifth is Sansevieria with 468,984 hashtags.

Rounding off the top 20 trendiest air-purifying plants this autumn

Air-purifying plantsInstagram hashtag volume
13Gerbera daisy107,346
14Golden pothos106,742
18English ivy41,743
19Boston fern38,690
20Chinese evergreen38,248

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