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The best global cities for live music in 2021 revealed

New research reveals the best cities in the world for live music fans. 
As the world begins to open up again and fans are eager to see their favourite musicians, the mortgage experts at have analysed the most musical cities to reveal the best cities for live music. 
To conduct the study, cities were given a normalised score out of 10 for each factor, including the number of music venues per city, upcoming concerts, major music festivals and the number of artists from each city.

The top 10 live music cities in the world

RankCity, Country PopulationNumber of music venuesUpcoming concertsMajor music festivalsArtists & bands from the cityLive music score /10
1London, United Kingdom 8,961,9892075,08882,5077.85
2New York City, United States 8,804,1901883,26723,0116.60
3Los Angeles, United States 3,898,7472403,00332,2576.54
4Chicago, United States 2,746,388951,992221,7326.16
5San Francisco, United States873,965951,91547923.58
6Toronto, Canada 2,731,57159615146313.52
7Paris, France2,175,601543,10527713.48
8Atlanta, United States498,715921,40565313.32
9Austin, United States 961,85511599833842.95
10Berlin, Germany3,664,088462,25434682.89

Taking the crown for the best city for live music is London, United Kingdom. London has the highest number of upcoming concerts (5,088) and the second highest number of music venues (207). Over 2,500 major artists call the city home, including legendary artists such as Elton John, Queen, David Bowie and Adele. 
Ranking second is New York City, United States. New York’s primary attraction is the sheer number of bands and artists that have cut their teeth in the Big Apple, (3,011), but it’s also known for the variety of music too, with many movements such as disco and hip-hop owing a lot to the city. 
Los Angeles, United States, ranks as the third best live music city in the world. Los Angeles is often billed as the “Creative Capital of the World” and is home to the greatest number of music venues, from the Staples Centre, to the Greek Theatre and the Hollywood Bowl. 
Further Insights: 

  • Chicago, United States, is the best city for major music festivals, with 22 taking place in the city each year, the most notable of which is Lollapalooza, one of the biggest and longest-running festivals in the country.
  • As the birthplace of arguably the greatest rock band of all time, Liverpool, United Kingdom, is the best city for rock music fans, with just under a quarter of the city’s gigs dedicated to the genre.
  • By far the city that hosts the most pop concerts is Las Vegas, United States, with 26.6% of all gigs in the city falling under the genre. 
  • The best city for Hip-Hop is New Orleans, United States (9.6% of all concerts), whilst the best city for Electronic music is Miami, United States (14.8% of all concerts). 
  • For Indie and Alternative music Dublin, Republic of Ireland, is the number one city to be visited (20.9% of all concerts). 

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