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Star signs and tattoos: Aries is the most tatted according to Pinterest

Following Adele’s recent TV spell in the weeks leading up to the release of her new album ‘30’, eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice the Saturn tattoo on her arm, and it turns out there’s a hidden astrological meaning known as the ‘Saturn return’. 

With that being said, it seems over the past few years there has been an increased interest and influx in astrology tattoos. From constellations to zodiac symbols; not only is a zodiac inspired tattoo something unique and meaningful to you, but they also delicately represent your personality.

This inspired our lucky experts at top10casinos.com to find out which star sign is the most tattooed, according to Pinterest. To do this, each zodiac was inputted into Pinterest along with ‘tattoo’ and the number of pins per sign was scraped, thus uncovering the most tatted sign!

The most tatted star sign

 Star signNumber of pins on Pinterest

The zodiac enthusiasts at top10casinos.com found that Aries was the most tattooed star sign with a total of 25,975 pins. Aries is at the top of the ranking order due to their creative skills being widely reowned, from the likes of Lady Gaga and Pharrell sharing the same sign and being heavily tatted. The zodiac symbol of the ram can be seen a lot in the Pinterest tattoo inspiration, as well as constellations and tiny ‘Aries’ dotted around bodies. 

Just behind in second place is Leo with a total of 16,616 pins of tattoo inspiration on Pinterest. From Cara Delevingne to Dua Lipa, Leo celebrities are known for sharing their love for their star sign loudly and proudly. From the zodiac symbol of the lion and the element of fire, lots of tiny to huge Leo tattoo inspiration photos can be found on Pinterest. 

Taking the third spot is the zodiac symbol of the fish; Pisces, with 15,113 pins of tattoo inspiration on Pinterest, in fourth is Gemini, the zodiac symbol of twins, with 12,231 pins and in fifth is the zodiac sign of the water-bearer; Aquarius, with 11,891 pins of inspiration.

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  1. The zodiac enthusiasts at top10casinos.com were curious to investigate which star sign had the most tattoos as well as the most tattoo inspiration.
  2. To do this, they utilised the platform most tattoo lovers look to find their inspiration; Pinterest.
  3. They then inputted each star sign into the search bar and used the web scraping tool to scrape the number of pins in boards. E.g., “[star sign] + [tattoo]”.
  4. Each zodiac’s pin data was then calculated and ranked in descending order.

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