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Spotify Study Reveals the Most Popular Marvel Soundtrack

With Marvel Studios’ ‘Eternals’  being release this Friday (05/11/21), were eager to determine which superheroes they would have to beat to be named the Marvel movie with the most popular soundtrack of all time!

Utilising the streaming and media service, Spotify, in-house entertainment experts were able to rank the 25 Marvel Cinematic Universe soundtracks in accordance with their number of plays on Spotify.*

The Results:

RankOriginal Marvel SoundtrackYear of ReleaseTotal Number of Plays on Spotify
1Avengers Assemble2012109,848,823
2Captain America: The Winter Soldier2014103,755,630
3Avengers: Endgame201993,737,260
4Black Panther 201893,170,504
5Avengers: Infinity War201858,278,959
6Iron Man 3201347,706,349
7Guardians of the Galaxy 2201745,432,598
8Thor: The Dark World201343,551,917
9Guardians of the Galaxy201441,243,133
10Avengers: Age of Ultron201535,936,753 can reveal that Avengers Assemble is the most played Marvel movie soundtrack of all time, with over 109 million plays (109,848,823) on Spotify since its release in 2012 – 200% higher than the average Marvel soundtrack accumulating 36 million plays (36,583,662). The most popular song from Alan Silvestri’s album is ‘The Avengers – From the Avengers Score,’ with over 86 million plays (86,824,305).

(PhotoCredits: CCLSTUDIO/ShutterStock)

In second place is Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) with over 103 million plays on Spotify (103,755,630). 42% of plays on Henry Jackman’s 2014 album are attributed to the song ‘It’s Been a Long, Long Time,’ with over 43 million plays alone (43,166, 633).

Ranking third amongst the most popular Marvel soundtracks is Alan Silvestri’s Avengers: Endgame (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) with over 93 million plays on Spotify (93,737,260). The most played song on this album is ‘Portals’ with over 30 million plays (30,897,527).

Following among the most popular Marvel soundtracks of all time are Black Panther (Original Score) (93,170,504 plays), Avengers: Infinity War (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack / Deluxe Edition) (58,278,959 plays) and Iron Man 3 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (47,706,349 plays).

At the other end, in 25th place, the least popular Marvel movie soundtrack is the 2021 album Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (Original Score) with just above 3 million Spotify plays (3,521,791) – 90% lower than the Marvel average of 36 million plays (36,583,662). This is likely due to being one of the more recent Marvel releases.

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