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Sofa trends: 10 colours you need to know about in 2021

Buying a new sofa can be an incredibly stressful experience due to the numerous colours, fabrics, and styles to choose from, coupled with the ever-changing sofa trends year on year. The first question potential buyers usually ask themselves is: which colour sofa should I get? This is backed up by the fact the search term ‘best sofa colour’ received on average 1,500 searches every month this year.

As the colour of your sofa can potentially make or break the room it’s placed in, it’s incredibly important to pick a shade that works for you.  

Interested in this, wanted to discover which colour sofa is the most popular so far in 2021. To do this, the team analysed global google search volumes from January 2021 to August 2021, ultimately allowing them to rank the most popular coloured sofas for 2021. And also check out this great article on types of couches.

Key points

  • Grey is the most popular sofa colour in 2021 with a total of 67,971 average monthly searches this year.   
  • Pink sofas are second most popular with 37,000 searches.  
  • Blue is third, followed by white and green sofas.

The top 10 most popular sofa colours in 2021:

RankColourAverage monthly Google search volumes 2021
10Yellow13,543 can reveal that the most popular choice of sofa colour in 2021 is grey, which has 67,971 average monthly searches around the globe so far this year. The colour grey is especially popular amongst celebrities due to its versatility. It works well in numerous different settings and can be adapted to various styles. 

Surprisingly, coming in second is the colour pink with 37,000 average monthly searches. The colour is known for having a reputation of being difficult to work with, but this certainly hasn’t stopped potential buyers being interested in the shade. 

In third with 31,586 average monthly searches this year is blue.  

Coming in fourth is white with 30,400 average monthly searches and completing the top five is green sofas with a total of 29,243 average monthly searches so far this year.

The least popular sofa colours in 2021:

RankColourAverage monthly Google search volumes 2021


  1. sought to determine the most popular coloured sofa so far in 2021.
  2. The colours used in the dataset were obtained by analysing previous reports to generate a master list of popular sofa colours. Sources include: Homes&Gardens, sofasofa, Arlo&Jacob and APT2B
  3. The team then utilised SEMrush’s keyword overview tool to discover the average amount of monthly Google searches from so far this year. The keywords used were ‘[colour] sofa’.
  4. After collecting the data from SEMrush, the team were able to rank the colours from the lowest number of average monthly searches to the most, thus creating a list of the most ‘popular’ sofa colours so far this year.
  5. The data was collected on 03/08/2021 and is accurate as of then.

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