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Social Media’s Most Loved Electric Car Model

The popularity of electric cars has been booming in the past year with searches for “best electric cars 2022” increasing an impressive 2,100% according to Google Trends*. As greener vehicles take over the streets, their popularity grows amongst motor-heads on social media.

With this in mind, analysed Instagram and TikTok to determine which electric car model is the most popular on social platforms based on the combined number of hashtags each model has received, as well as revealing which models are the costliest.

Most popular electric car models on social media

 Electric car modelTotal no. of social shares
1Tesla Model 31,300,591,645
2Tesla Model S371,892,974
3Audi e-tron167,907,366
4Porsche Taycan92,971,382
5Ford Mustang Mach-E34,411,216
6Nissan Leaf23,141,917
7Volvo XC40 Recharge16,205,825
8BMW i315,927,608
9Kia EV613,813,314
10Hyundai Ioniq 512,493,489

As one of the most famous electric car manufacturers, Tesla claims the top two ranks. In first place as the most popular EV model on Instagram and TikTok is Tesla Model 3, with over 1.3 billion combined shares (1,300,591,645 shares). This is 249.7% more than its sister model, the Tesla Model S, which finishes in second place with 371,892,974 shares. A €100,481 price tag is the cost of exceptional performance of the Model S – claiming the title of the costliest EV investigated. In comparison, its budget-friendly alternative, the Model 3, is just over half the price of the Model S (€51,437), justifying its incredible popularity.

The Audi e-tron places third with 167,907,366 shares. As the first fully electric SUV in the ranks, the Audi e-tron has received 936.1% more shares than Volvo’s electric SUV – the XC 40 Recharge – which places seventh (16,205,825 shares). Ranking sixth overall in price, the Audi e-tron retails for €72,507, 24.2% less than Audi e-tron GT selling for an average of €95,599.

Following in fourth is Porsche’s first electric car model: the Taycan. With 92,971,382 social shares under its belt, the German car manufacturer’s venture into electric vehicles seems to be a smash hit. Not only that, but the model also earns 171,382 hashtags on Instagram alone, ranking third on the platform. Ranking fourth overall in price, the Porsche Taycan sells for €87,16410.6% less than its sister model the Taycan Cross Turismo claiming second (€97,514).

Greg Wilson,’s Founder, comments:

“The switch to electric cars is gathering pace and many city motorists will need to consider shelving their product line, making the market more competitive. Drivers should be sure to research their chosen make and model and use a comparison site to evaluate policies.”

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