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Sexiest TV series’ of lockdown REVEALED in new study

Sometimes a TV series with a great story line as well as a good scattering of provocative sex scenes can really hit the spot…

CBD oil specialists Edens Gate were interested to ascertain the sexiest TV series released during lockdown. They asked 1,860 people to disclose the five TV shows they found sexiest in the 2020/21 period, and then collated those answers to find the 10 most popular sexy TV series released in lockdown.

Finally, they collected data on each TV series using several different factors, such as:

  • UK Google search volumes for the TV series’ sex scenes
  • Inclusion of BDSM and group sex
  • Number of sex scenes the TV series contains
  • Number of kissing scenes the TV series contains

From this, they were then able to assign each film a final score to ascertain the sexiest TV series of lockdown to date…

Results of the sexiest TV shows during lockdown:

Bridgerton was crowned the sexiest TV series of Lockdown, with 2,438 points followed closely by BBC3’s Normal People with 1,531. White Lines came in last with just 14 points!

You can see the full final scores, and the series’ ranked in order of sexiness, in the table below:

TV Show‘TV series + sex scene’ Google searchesNumber of sex scenesIncludes fetish (BDSM, Group sex etc) +10 points if yesNumber of kissing scenesTotal points
Bridgerton2,40023No – 0152,438
Normal People99021No – 0291,531
Elite48019Yes – 1025534
The Last Kingdom39016Yes – 109425
Insecure (Season 4)39012No – 014416
Dark Desire32014Yes – 1018362
Sex Education10018Yes – 1019147
Greenleaf (Season 5)08No – 01624
Behind Her Eyes05No -01217
White Lines04No – 01014

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