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Sexiest female perfumes to set his heart racing, revealed

Although scent is subjective, there is science behind which scents trigger arousal in both men and women. Interested in this, the experts at OnBuy Women’s Perfume were keen to discover the most common perfume notes that increase sexual tension. After analysing the scents deemed to have the best aphrodisiac qualities, they compared their relative popularity on the perfume website Fragrantica to determine which notes were most likely to set hearts racing.

Most popular female scents which are proven aphrodisiacs

RankingScentAverage rating on Fragrantica (out of 5)
  = 2Champaca4.05
4Ambrette (Musk Mallow)4.01

Please find the full data set of the top 5 perfumes per scent attached here.

In first place, Pumpkin is the most popular female aphrodisiac scent with an average rating of 4.23 out of on Fragrantica. Boasting a sweet note, the scent of pumpkin is likely to stimulate partners’ memories of their favourite sweet treats. Adding a sensual mix, when combined with lavender, pumpkin notes can arouse men the most, increasing their blood flow by 40%. Pumpkins crave Bread by Arcana Craves and Poesie Thrushcross Grange are the most popular pumpkin fragrances- with a five-star rating on Fragrantica, these sexy scents are likely to set pulses rising.

Cinnamon is joint with champaca, ranking at number two with an average rating of 4.05 out of on Fragrantica. Cinnamon is spicy and enticing, in contrast to champaca which is a spicier floral note. One of the most popular cinnamon fragrances is Amberlicious Cherry by The Dua Brand which has a beautiful blend of caramel and white orchid. As for a fragrance with notes of champaca, the best one to go for according to Fragrantica is Eve’s Secret female 2009 by Esme Rene, due to its seductive mix of floral and musky notes.

Vanilla is the third highest rated aphrodisiac scent with 4.02 out of 5 on Fragrantica. Commonly recognised for its warm and soothing properties, this sweet scent has been linked to sexual arousal, proven to reduce tension and stress, acting as a natural aphrodisiac. OnBuy Women’s Perfume can reveal that the top vanilla perfumes according to Fragrantica are La Lettera Da by Claudio La Violaand Alhada by Tola which is a unisex fragrance. Both perfumes offer the sensual vanilla fragrance, as well as other seductive notes such as bergamot (sixth place) and jasmine (seventh place).

Ginger sits last on the list of the top 15 female aphrodisiac scents

Ranking in eighth place with a respectable 3.97 out of 5Ginger’s sharp scent has the capacity to get blood racing and stimulate the circulatory system. Its zingy fragrance is designed to uplift and energise, creating not only the perfect Monday morning scent but also a great aphrodisiac. The highest rated perfumes to go for, according to Fragrantica, are Le Soft Perfume Liquide Georges et Moi female by Sabe Masson and Twist Oudh 2017 by Clive Christian, both containing notes of bergamot and cedar.

Most popular scents to gift men this Christmas:

Along with female scents that are aphrodisiac, OnBuy Men’s Aftershave have provided a list of the scents that women most like to smell on men, making them perfect gift options for Christmas this year.

RankingScentAverage rating (out of 5)Top perfume choices 
1Spices4.031. Le Oud male by George Kordahi   2. Lost Lovers unisex 2021 by Maison de L’Asie 
2Vanilla4.021. Tola Alhada unisex 2015  2. Scents of Man Little Fig Tree 
3Woody Notes3.991. La Folie a Plusieurs Kafka on The Shore unisex 2020 2. Homme by Christian Dior
4Citruses3.981. Ocean Blue male by Lexington 2. Realm male 1975 by Germaine Monteil
5Musk3.971. Attars Juriah 2019 by Sultan Pasha 2. Boadicea the Victorious Glistening 
6Mint3.951. Oud Assam male by Maison Anthony Marmin 2. Classic male by Stefano Ricci
7Cucumber3.941. Happily Ever After by Grassroots 2. Dominican Perfumes Manantial Rose 2010

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