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Pesto Eggs or Cloud Bread? New Data Reveals TikTok’s Most Popular Food Trend

TikTok once again has inspired another food trend – pesto eggs has taken the world by storm with over 44 million views on the social media platform. This has led food experts at online cake shop Jack and Beyond to wonder – what is the most popular TikTok food trend?

To find out, collected the number of views of the top food trends on TikTok and can now reveal all!

Most popular TikTok food trends: The results

 Food TrendTotal TikTok Views
1Cloud bread3,200,000,000
2Whipped/dalgona coffee2,842,215,600
3Pancake cereal1,603,147,600
4Feta pasta1,057,300,000
5Nature’s cereal814,677,350
6Ice cream cake800,500,000
7Baked oats640,000,000
8Hot chocolate bombs612,900,000
10Birria tacos440,600,000
11Banana bread234,700,000
12Nacho table189,300,197
13Egg sandwich128,600,000
14Oreo mug cake105,660,400
15Crème brulee79,600,000
16Crispy potatoes56,200,000
17Vodka pasta46,900,000
18Carrot/vegan bacon44,800,337
19Pesto eggs44,223,300
20Frog bread17,904,752

Responsible for keeping us all entertained in the kitchen during the pandemic, first place goes to cloud bread, with 3.2 billion views. Last year had many of us trying to make our own bread, with searches for ‘how to make bread’ reaching its highest peak over the last five years last March.  But cloud bread is unique in the fact that it is a fluffier alternative to normal bread, in some instances using dye to create the ultimate cloud effect. 

In second place is every caffeine addict’s dream, the infamous whipped (or dalgona) coffee. Similar to its successor, the drink only uses three ingredients and reportedly is like drinking a ‘coffee cloud.’ With nearly 3 billion views (2,842,215,600) the caffeine delight is sure to be a tasteful alternative to your regular coffee breaks at work.

Pancake cereal claims third place. Pretty much what it says on the tin, the mini sweet treats have endless possibilities with toppings like golden syrup, Nutella, or yoghurt – it explains why the #pancakecereal has over 1 billion views (1,603,147,600) on TikTok.

A recent newcomer to TikTok, feta pasta takes fourth place. A simple hack that involves baking a block of feta cheese with some cherry tomatoes in the oven has had 1,057,300,000 views on TikTok and has been described as ‘the perfect weeknight pasta dish.’

At the other end of the table is frog bread(17,904,752 views) and the newest craze – pesto eggs (44,223,300). Whilst in 19th place, the recent trend of pesto eggs is climbing through the ranks already after only going viral in the last couple of months.

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