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Mona Lisa crowned world’s favourite painting in social media study

Many people use social media to show their love and appreciation for art and, although somewhat understated, a significant proportion of content on social media is art-related.

Interested in art and culture, sought to discover the most Instagrammed paintings in the world based on relevant hashtags. 

The results: 

The most Instagrammed paintings in the world
RankPainting name (year)Painter nameTotal no. of Instagram hashtags #
1.Mona Lisa (1506)Leonardo da Vinci1,940,692
2.The Starry Night (1889)Vincent van Gogh1,733,345
3.The Kiss (1908)Gustav Klimt263,001
4.Guernica (1937)Pablo Picasso169,727
5.American Gothic (1930)Grant Wood98,608
6.Las Meninas (1656)Diego Velázquez39,969
7.Salvator Mundi (1510)Leonardo da Vinci15,453
8.The School of Athens (1511)Raphael10,258
9.The Persistence of Memory (1931)Salvador Dalí10,074
10.The Son of Man (1964)René Magritte9,857

The iconic Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo da Vinci and exhibited at the Louvre Museum (Paris, France), is the most Instagrammed painting in the world with 1,940,692 hashtags.

In second position with 1,733,345 Instagram hashtags is The Starry Night oil-on-canvas painting by Vincent Van Gogh.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt (263,001) and Guernica by Pablo Picasso (169,727) are among the paintings that have over 100,000 Instagram hashtags, respectively ranking third and fourth place.

Rounding off the top ten is The Son of Man painting by René Magritte with 9,857 Instagram hashtags

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