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Miami, Hollywood, or Nashville? The most photogenic celebrity neighborhood, revealed

The lives of the rich and famous have always been of particular interest to everyday folk. All too often, their homes and neighborhoods are clouded in mystique. 

Now with the option to go on guided tours of celebrity neighborhoods, people are given the chance to see where the rich and famous reside.

To discover the most photogenic and therefore the most famous, Top10Casinos.comcompiled a list of 50 celebrity neighborhoods and utilised to discover the number of hashtags they had generated. 

Top 10 Most Photographed Celebrity Neighborhoods

RankCelebrity NeighborhoodInstagram Hashtags
4Silver Lake12,000,000
5New Orleans11,600,000
6South Beach8,200,000
7Beverly Hills6,300,000
10Harlem4,000,000 can reveal that Miami, Florida is the most photographed celebrity neighborhood with a staggering 80.9 million hashtags on Instagram. Home to Jennifer Lopez, Oprah Winfrey, and Floyd Mayweather, and with sandy beaches and impressive architecture, this sunny location is always photo ready.

Ranking as the second most photogenic celebrity neighborhood is Hollywood, California raking in 39 million Instagram hashtags. Despite claiming the second spot, this is still 51% lower than Miami. Some of Hollywood’s most famous residents include Leonardo DiCaprio and Halle Berry. 

Hollywood is followed by Nashville (15.3 million), Silver Lake (12 million)and New Orleans (11.6 million)all claiming over 10 million Instagram hashtags, ranking third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Known for its art deco buildings dating back to the 1920s is South Beach, Miami placing sixth with 8.2 million Instagram hashtags. Interestingly, despite its notoriety as a home to many Hollywood stars and upscale shopping street, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hillshas only 6.3 million Instagram hashtags.

Notably Richmond, London is the only celebrity neighborhood in the UK that makes the top 10 with 4.1 million Instagram hashtags – closely followed by Harlem, New York(4 million). Richmond is home to A-listers such as Sir David Attenborough and Tom Hardy.

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