Kylie Jenner or Leo DiCaprio? THIS is The Celebrity with The Most Expensive Car Personalisation

From Kim Kardashian’s fuzzy Lambo to Justin Bieber’s bright chrome Fisker Karma, snazzy custom automobile personalisations have become a hit across social media. For those looking to undergo their own car transformation, experts can now reveal how much celebrity car personalisations are estimated to cost.

The private number plate supplier click4reg collected a list of the most popular celebrity car personalisations and consulted with Thomas Hopkins at Copart to provide an estimated price for each customisation, in order to reveal which celebrity has spent the most to personalise their car.

The results:

 CelebrityCar descriptionEstimated price of personalisation
1Justin BieberFrozen blue Ferrari Liberty Walk€285,452
2Kylie JennerRolls Royce Ghost with pink leather interior€277,025
3Nicki MinajPink Lamborghini Aventador€271,002
4David BeckhamCustom exterior Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead€258,098
5Kim KardashianWool wrapped Lamborghini Urus€236,589
6Kanye WestBeige Lamborghini Urus€207,338
7Kylie JennerNeon orange Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon€154,712
8Paris HiltonPink bedazzled Bentley Continental GT€129,070
9Justin BieberChrome Fisker Karma€107,128
10Leonardo DiCaprioCustom engine Fisker Karma EV Speedster€86,047

In first place is Justin Bieber’s unmistakable frozen blue Ferrari Liberty. Our expert Thomas Hopkins can reveal the estimated revamp of this Ferrari totals a whopping €285,452, featuring a bright blue wrap that could be mistaken for a frozen treat, 20-inch Forgiato wheels, and a custom sound system. Justin’s bright chrome wrapped Fisker Karma also ranks ninth. Predicted to cost €107,128, only 37.5% the price of his Ferrari Liberty.

Following in second is Kylie Jenner, adding to her growing car collection is the latest customised Rolls Royce Ghost. The personalisation of this Ghost model cost an estimated €277,023 93% of the car’s total price (approximately €297,019). Taking over a year to make, the hot pink leather interior and pink sparkly ceiling of the car makes a stark contrast to the unassuming black exterior. Finally, there is also an engraving reading “Stormi’s Mom” hidden in the door frame. Not only so, but another in Kylie’s glamorous collection – a neon orange wrapped Mercedes G-Wagon – follows in seventh place (estimated €154,712).

In third is Nicki Minaj’s iconic bright pink Lamborghini Aventador. Just under 85% of the Aventador’s retail price (approximately €322,199), the personalisations cost an estimated €271,002 wrapped in the perfect shade of pink to match the rapper’s sassy personality. What better car for her to drive than one that looks like it has come straight from Barbie’s Dream House?

Following in fourth is OBE David Beckham’s custom-built Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead. Estimated at €258,098 to build, Beckham’s Rolls is completed decked out with 24-inch Savini Forged wheels, multimedia system, colour-matched exterior trims, and even his signature Jersey number “23” seamed into the seats. Costing just under 7% less than Kylie’s Rolls Royce customisations.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Fisker Karma ranks tenth:

The beloved actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s Fisker Karma personalisations rank tenth, with an estimated cost of €86,047– only 30.1% of the Justin Bieber’s blue Ferrari in first place. The stylish car may look more understated than the others preceding it on the list but boasts strength and speed with a custom engine suited to cruising down American highways.

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