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Keeping Warm In Winter: Top Tips for the Colder Months

With the temperature starting to drop as we enter the cooler months, were eager to determine what can be done to stay warm. 

Speaking exclusively to Jessica Sepel, Clinical Nutritionist and Author, she outlines her tips to prepare for sleep as it gets colder.

Tips for keeping warm in the cooler months:

1. Have a Soak in the Bath

When preparing for bed, taking a soak in a hot bath is beneficial as it helps your body to relax and prepare for sleep – you could even go one step further by adding Epsom salts and even lavender for extra relaxation. This will lock the heat in so you stay cosy as you hop into bed.

2. Try a Hot Drink with some ‘Spice’

Enjoy a “spiced” hot drink before sleep. A tea with ginger or a heated nut milk with cinnamon is a great way to include energetically warming spices to support you, whilst also being a grounding nighttime ritual.

3. Find your Hot Water Bottle

It’s time to dig out your hot water bottle from storage! Using a hot water bottle and taking it to bed with you is a classic and timeless tip. This is so simple yet so effective! It’s also great to apply gentle heat to any muscular aches or pains you may have, or to relieve period pain at that time of the month.

4. Your Natural Circadian Rhythm

Our bodies naturally gravitate to sleeping more in the cooler months, as the daylight hours grow shorter and the temperatures drop. So, although it may seem earlier in the evening, when you start to feel the pull of sleep you should take that as your cue to prepare for sleep.

5. Try a Natural Supplement

If you are amongst those who naturally struggle to sleep throughout the year, then try a certified supplement that boosts your natural inclination towards sleep.

Jessica states “I love to support a restful and deep sleep by taking 1-2 tablets of our PM+ formula before drifting off”.

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