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International Games Month: Minecraft is the most sought-after second hand games

Research has shown that 62% of gamers have recently changed their habit of buying new games to hunting second hand games instead due to the rising cost of living. Meanwhile, a 60% increase in pre owned games searches* was seen on Google over the past month.

In response to the International Games Month, Theslotbuzz.com were intrigued to find out which game is the most popular among gamers in the global second-hand market. To do this, they scraped recent sales of over 60 most popular games on a notable global resale e-commerce website, revealing the best-selling second hand game worldwide!

Top 10 most sought-after second hand games

RankingGameNumber of items sold (second hand only)*
2Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II5,500
3Grand Theft Auto V4,500
4Mario Kart 8 Deluxe3,300
5Red Dead Redemption II2,600
6FIFA 222,500
7The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild2,400
8Luigi’s Mansion 32,000
9Animal Crossing: New Horizons1,900
10God of War1,800

*Used/pre-owned/second hand sales only in the last 90 days

Minecraft is the most popular game in the second hand market with 5,700 used items sold in the last three months, the highest among all games reviewed! Known as the best-selling game of all time across multiple platforms, it is not surprising that Minecraft ranked first in the second hand market too. Pre-owned Minecraft PS4 edition was recently sold for $13 on average, a 50% lower price than a new official copy. 

Following closely behind is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIwith 5,500 used games recently sold in the second hand market. Only released a month ago, this first-person shooting game, sequel to the 2019 blockbuster Modern Warfare, has already become one of the most streamed games this month. The average listings for this second hand game were priced at $55, only 10% cheaper than buying a brand new one. 

Grand Theft Auto V, widely known as GTA 5, ranks third with 4,500 used games sold recently online. Rockstar’s enduring game, firstly released in 2013, has grabbed the headlines again after releasing on PS5 and XBOX series earlier this year. The recent sold price for the used GTA V PS5 version was $22 on average, saving gamers over 27% more than buying a brand new one!

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