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Home Decor 2022: Top 10 interior design styles to follow according to Pinterest

With Google search interest for ‘interior design styles’ increasing by 40%* in the past week, the experts at wanted to uncover which interior decor is the most popular, according to  Pinterest.

After analysing over four million pins across the platform, can now reveal which decor style is the most desired across each room of the house, as well as the most popular interior design trends on Pinterest to inspire your next decorating project.

Most popular decor style per room on Pinterest

RoomMost pinned themesTotal number of pins
Living roomVintage259,021
BedroomShabby chic119,961
Home officeIndustrial52,163
Dining roomShabby chic22,122
Family roomRustic11,664
Utility roomRustic166

Kitchen (Vintage, Scandinavian, Traditional)

The most sought-after interior decor for the kitchen is vintage with a staggering 391,131 pins. A vintage kitchen can be easily infused with your own personality to make it distinctive, by tactically cluttering up the space with anything from aged kitchenware passed down through generations to great finds from flea markets. Falling 34.7% behind as the second most-loved kitchen theme is Scandinavian, with 255,235 pins, whilst a traditional style kitchen places third with 254,661 pins.

Living Room (Vintage, Coastal, Minimalist)

Pinned 259,021 times, vintage is once again the most popular interior design style for the living room area, with antique rugs and oversized couches emanating a warm, welcoming vibe. The second most wanted interior decor for the hub of our homes is coastal, with pins totalling ​​81,114 68.7% less than vintage. From turquoise to sea green, play with your favourite ocean hues to achieve that laid back beach vibe, and decorate with driftwood accessories to capture the essence of a relaxed coastal interior.

Bathroom (Contemporary, Vintage, Rustic)

The most desired interior decor for the bathroom is contemporary with 172,146 pins. Neutral accents, clean lines and a no-frills approach have clearly appealed to many, as contemporary themed bathrooms received around 50% more pins than both vintage (88,440 pins) and rustic (81,838 pins) themes, which finished in second and third place respectively.

Bedroom and Home Office

A shabby chic decor takes the lead for bedroom interiors with a total of 119,961 pins. Dress your room in your favourite prints – florals or polka dots – and pile your bed up high with ruffled pillows for a nostalgic touch and extra coziness to boot. 11% behind is the bohemian decor which received 106,793 pins in total.

For the home office, an industrial design style is most on-trend, with it being pinned 52,163 times by those that are seeking to spruce up their home workspace by adding a bold touch of wood and metal. 

Most popular interior design styles overall on Pinterest

ThemeTotal pins across all rooms
Shabby chic359,365

Across the ten rooms analysed, pins for vintage decor totalled a whopping 876,238, which is almost 40% more than contemporary in second (530,883 pins). The vintage interior managed to remain a firm favourite with the unique charm it adds to homes, while a contemporary design keeps the house sleek and modern which will never go out of style.

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