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Harry Styles was the most tweeted about Grammy artist of 2021

Interested in social media statistics, scraped 742,000 tweets to uncover which celebrity was spoken about most online leading up to, during, and after the ceremony. They analysed all tweets on the platform featuring #GRAMMYs and each artist’s name between 14/03/2021 and 15/03/2021 to determine the popularity ranking.

The most talked-about artists of the 2021 Grammys

 CelebrityNumber of tweets
1Harry Styles66,613
2Taylor Swift43,570
3Dua Lipa33,732
6Billie Eilish15,513
7Megan Thee Stallion14,769
10Ariana Grande5,295
12Bad Bunny3,774
14Lady Gaga2,951
15Doja Cat2,714 found that Harry Styles was the most tweeted-about artist from the Grammys 2021 ceremony! Raking in a whooping 66,613 tweets since the red carpet, his fashion choices clearly got fans talking.

The second most talked-about artist online was Taylor Swift. After becoming the first woman to win album of the year three times, there were 43,570 tweets published talking about the singer.

Following in third place is Dua Lipa, with 33,732 tweets dedicated to her throughout the ceremony’s buzz.

After their performance debut, found that BTS was the fourth most tweeted about artist attending the Grammys. There were 32,451 tweets made about the group.

Reaching fifth place is Beyoncé. 26,648 tweets were published featuring her name in relation to her Grammy appearance.

The sixth, seventh and eighth most tweeted about artists are Billie Eilish (15,513), Megan Thee Stallion (14,769), and H.E.R (12,624).

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