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Farrow & Ball dominate autumnal colour trends in 2021, data reveals

With autumn now upon us, it’s time to enjoy cosy knitwear, crispy mornings, pumpkin spice lattes and farmers markets, and when it comes to autumnal decorating ideas, deep warm oranges, reds and yellows take front and centre.

The home experts at were curious to investigate and uncover which autumn colours are the most popular to paint your home this 2021 season.

To do so, used the top three most searched for paint brands and utilised the Keyword Explorer tool on Ahrefs to determine which shade had the highest global average monthly searches, thus uncovering the trendiest autumnal colours for this 2021 season.

Top 10 trendiest autumnal colours

 Paint shadesBrandColour categoryTotal avg. monthly global search vol
1Setting PlasterFarrow and BallRed10,600
2Dead SalmonFarrow and BallRed5,700
3India YellowFarrow and BallYellow/Orange4,100
4Sulking Room PinkFarrow and BallRed3,900
5Copper BlushDuluxOrange3,350
6PeignoirFarrow and BallRed3,200
7Cinder RoseFarrow and BallRed3,000
8Red EarthFarrow and BallRed2,600
9TallowFarrow and BallYellow/Orange2,000
=10Honey MustardDuluxYellow1,900
=10BaboucheFarrow and BallYellow/Orange1,900

Research by can reveal the trendiest and most popular autumnal colour to paint your home this year is Setting Plaster by Farrow and Ball, with a total 10,600 average monthly global searches. The dusty pink, yellow pigmented shade will leave your home feeling timeless. Homedit’s property expert suggests utilising the shade as a backdrop to antique furniture and would complement mahogany tones extremely well.

In second place for trendiest autumn paint colours is Dead Salmon by Farrow and Ball, with a total of 5,700 monthly searches. This reddish warm tone creates the most subtle and serene of environments, giving your home the ultimate warm fuzzy touch.

Taking the third spot is India Yellow by Farrow and Ball with a total 4,100 searches. This gorgeous, strong and moody yellow creates a cosy and vibrant touch to your home, especially when paired with dark browns. This striking shade will pump just the right amount of adrenaline into your walls and is the perfect choice if you want to stir up excitement in your home.

In fourth is Sulking Room Pink shade by Farrow and Ball with 3,900 searches every month. The light, romantic and muted rose tones are the ultimate soft touch to your walls, with its enormous warmth and powdery feel best used with similar complementary tones.

In fifth is Copper Blush by Dulux with 3,350 total averaged monthly searches. A lick of Copper Blush paint on your walls will be sure to give your home the ultimate autumnal warm fuzzy glow, leaving you and your guests in constant autumnal heaven.

Rounding off top 20 trendiest autumnal colours

 Paint shadesBrandColour categoryTotal avg. monthly global search vol
11Vanilla SundaeDuluxYellow1,350
12Soft PeachDuluxOrange1,290
=13Daffodil WhiteDuluxYellow1,250
=13HayFarrow and BallYellow/Orange1,250
14Dutch OrangeFarrow and BallYellow/Orange1,200
=15CitronFarrow and BallYellow/Orange1,000
=15Sudbury YellowFarrow and BallYellow/Orange1,000
16CalamineFarrow and BallRed 940
17Pink GroundFarrow and BallRed 920
18Dayroom yellowFarrow and BallYellow/Orange 850
=19Blossom whiteDuluxRed 800
=19Yellow groundFarrow and BallYellow/Orange 800
=19Picture gallery redFarrow and BallRed 800
20Banana splitDuluxYellow 740

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