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Experts reveals 6 simple water saving tips

The average person uses 152 litres of water a day, which has a large effect on the environment. During a cost of living crisis, many of us are searching for ways to reduce our bills and with World Earth Day (22nd of April) just around the corner, what better way than to reduce our water usage.

Interested in helping the public save money while protecting the environment, Martin Smith of has provided these top tips to help us use less water. 

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1: Turn the taps off in between wetting your toothbrush.While brushing our teeth, it’s far too easy to become absent-minded and leave the tap running. Turning the tap off when our toothbrushes aren’t under them is an easy way to save 24 litres of water a day.’ 

2: Use a bowl for washing up. Whilst doing the dishes, using a bowl instead of keeping the tap on can help you save water and even washing-up liquid as the water stays soapy.’

3: Take showers instead of baths.Baths use more water than showers. In fact, a 10 minute shower uses approximately half the amount of water as a full bath.’ 

4: Use a quick wash setting on your washing machine. Most washing machines have a quick wash function that uses less water. When possible, make the most of this function in order to save on water.

5: If you own a dishwasher, use it.‘Studies have shown that even inefficient dishwashers use about half as much water as handwashing. And to settle the debate no need to rinse first, rising first wastes 1,115 litres of water a year. Plus, it saves you time and effort.

6: Use a water meter.Using a water meter can help you keep track of your household’s water consumption as well as potentially saving money. Keeping track of the amount of water you’re using in this way can help you think about your daily habits.

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