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€2m: Superhero comics that sell for the most online, study reveals

A few days ago it was reported that a single page from a rare Superman comic sold for an incredible  $3.36 million (£2.45 million). Therefore, it comes as no surprise as the latest Spider Man film has already raked in more than $1.5 billion (£1.01 billion) globally at the box office in just four weeks. 

It’s no secret that rare comic books are worth a fortune, with many superhero franchises continuing to grow, the demand for rare memorabilia follows suit. 

This inspired the credit card experts at to investigate and uncover the superhero with the most expensive comic book memorabilia.  

The 10 highest-selling superhero comics  

Superheroes Median listing price 
#1 Spider-Man € 13,879 
#2 X-Men € 11,219 
#3 Batman € 8,850 
#4 Wolverine € 8,497 
#5 Incredible Hulk € 7,926 
#6 Fantastic Four € 6,757 
#7 Superman € 4,248 
#8 Captain America € 4,247 
#9 Iron Man € 4,186 
#10 Thor € 4,051 

Ranking as the superhero that holds the most value to potential investors is Spider-Man. can reveal that Spider-Man had the highest median current resale price at 13,879, with the most expensive Spider-Man comic currently listed on eBay for €72,000.  

Placing second, and with a median current resale price of €11,219, is X-Men. The site’s most expensive X-Men comic is currently listed at €214,857.  

Taking the third spot is Batman with a median current selling price of €8,850. In fourth place is Wolverine (€8,497), and placing fifth is the IncredibleHulk (€7,926).  

The 10 most expensive comics  

Superheroes Most expensive current listing 
=#1 Superman € 2,718,603 
=#1 Batman € 2,718,603 
#2 Catwoman € 481,456 
#3 X-Men € 214,857 
#4 Captain America € 114,222 
#5 Fantastic Four € 96,000 
=#6 Iron Man € 84,000 
=#6 Incredible Hulk € 84,000 
#7 Spider-Man € 72,000 
#8 Thor € 52,618 
#9 Ghost Rider € 40,341 
#10 Wolverine € 38,363 

The credit experts at can reveal that, of all the superhero comics analysed, Superman and Batman are the most expensive, each priced at €2,718,603. Following behind is Catwoman, with the most expensive comic listed for €481,456. The third most expensive comic is X-Men, priced at €214,857.  

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