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Bye-Bye CR7: Ranking Ronaldo’s iconic last-minute goals

Cristiano Ronaldo headed for the exit door on Tuesday night after he mutually agreed with Manchester United to leave after his comments from a recent interview were released, proving returning to your ex is never usually a good idea.

Ronaldo scored 145 goals in a total of 346 appearances for the club, and fans remember many of these goals, including match-winners he scored with minutes remaining. And thanks to YouTube, they can relive these.

Interested in seeing which of Ronaldo’s iconic goals are the most popular, VoetbalTravel analysed official YouTube viewership figures to establish the most viewed last-minute match-winning goals from the man himself.

Ronaldo’s Last-Minute Match-Winning Goals, Ranked:

RankMatchDate of MatchScoreMinute ScoredYouTube Views
1Real Madrid Vs Barcelona2nd April 20162-184th13,327,976
2Manchester United Vs Tottenham12th March 20223-281st9,907,477
3Juventus Vs Lazio27th January 20192-188th7,792,367
4Udinese Vs Juventus2nd May 20212-189th7,355,667
5Juventus Vs Genoa30th October 20192-196th6,691,696
6Frosinone Vs Juventus23rd September 20180-281st5,092,770
7Manchester United Vs Atalanta20th October 20213-281st3,550,901
8Manchester United Vs Villarreal29th September 20212-195th3,496,431
9Atalanta vs Manchester United2nd November 20212-291st2,591,088
10Manchester United Vs Sheriff27th October 20223-081st1,781,868

Analysis of Results:

  • Taking the first-place crown is Real Madrid’s 2-1 win against Barcelona in March 2016 with an astonishing 13 million views. Barcelona scored the first goal, followed by Benzema for Real Madrid in the 62nd minute, but it wasn’t until Ronaldo scored the final goal in the 85th minute that put Real Madrid in the lead.
  • Coming in second is Manchester United’s 3-2 victory against Tottenham in March this year, earning over 9.9 million views on the platform since March. Ronaldo scored a hat-trick, and his last goal secured United the win in the 81st minute, proving to the Northern side why he is one of the best.
  • In third place is Ronaldo’s 88th-minute winner against Lazio in January 2019, with almost 8 million YouTube views. This match was notable for Ronaldo scoring a penalty, which put Juventus ahead and earned Ronaldo his 30th league tally at the time.
  • In fourth place was Juventus’ 2-1 victory against Udinese in May 2021. Juventus were 1-0 down, until the second half when Ronaldo scored both goals, securing a vital 3 points for Juventus.
  • The top five results with the highest views are from the last five years. Ronaldo has scored 101 goals for Juventus, potentially alluding to why his Juventus goals are in the top five results.
  • Ronaldo scored his most recent match-winning goal a few weeks ago against Sheriff, putting United 3-0 ahead again in the 81st minute.
  • From the results, Ronaldo’s top-performing year was 2018, with a total goal-scoring count of six.
  • Ronaldo scored goals in the 81st minute the most, occurring in four out of the ten results here.
  • All these results are in the millions, with a combined viewing total of over 64 million.

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