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Blizzard incoming– Diablo IV revealed as TikTok’s most anticipated game for the remainder of 2023

  • As we near the halfway point of 2023, gaming enthusiasts at Ebuyer have revealed the most anticipated games on #gametok
  • Diablo IV pulls in the most hype with over 294 posts and 5 million views over the past 120 days
  • Overwatch 2: Season 5, Street Fighter 6 and The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom also ranked

With 35 billion views under the #gametok hashtag, although Twitch is the unofficial platform of gamers, TikTok is also drawing in gamers across the world. ¹ But, as we near the halfway point of 2023, which anticipated games are pulling in the most hype?

To discover exactly this, Gaming pc retailer Ebuyer has revealed the 10 games TikTok users are most hyped for by analysing TikTok gaming hashtags for numbers of views and posts.

The top 10 were revealed as:

RankGameTikTok ViewsTikTok Posts
1Diablo IV2,000,000311
2Overwatch 2: Season 55,000,000294
3Street Fighter 63,000,000283
4The Legend Of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom20,00070
6The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom47,00047
7Crash Team Rumble121,00032
8Darkest Dungeon501,00028
9Final Fantasy 16 (XVI)91,00026
10Lego 2K Drive172,00022

Escapism seems to be a common theme, with the fourth instalment of action RPG game Diablo IV taking the top spot with 311 posts and 2,000,000 views over the past 120 days on TikTok. Scheduled for release on June 6th, the new edition from Blizzard Games offers endless evil to slaughter, countless abilities to master, nightmarish dungeons and legendary loot.

Another Blizzard Games favourite, Overwatch, comes in at second on the list with Overwatch 2: Season 5 racking up 5 million views and 294 posts – fans will be disappointed to hear that the developers won’t be delivering a new hero, but it does open the door for a fresh map to be added to the rotation.

With an aim to become the best-selling game in the series, Street Fighter 6, ranks third on the list with 3 million views under the post,283 posts and a release date of June 2nd. Fans will be please to hear that an arcade version will also be released later in the year. Link’s latest return is the fourth most hyped on TikTok with The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom, pulling in 70 posts and 20,000 views. Although officially set to be released on  12th May, some fans have already been lucky enough to get their hands on the game as it was recently leaked a little too early.

Commenting on the research Courtney Williamson, Marketing Manager at Ebuyer said “As we near the midpoint of 2023, from Resident Evil 4 remake to Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, there has been a lot of huge gaming releases already this year. However, there are plenty more huge releases to be excited about over the coming months.

“TikTok has become a huge platform for the gaming community over the past few years, and often a platform where many casual gamers hear about new releases first so we wanted to see which releases #gametok are receiving the most hype.”

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