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Best European cities to be a vegan

As the January blues take full effect, people will be looking to book city breaks to combat post-christmas fatigue. But with dietary requirements at the forefront of people’s mind, which cities offer the most vegan-friendly restaurants? 

With this in mind, experts at decided to find out the cheapest European cities to be vegan. They analysed a comprehensive data set of 3.5 million European vegan restaurants which assessed average meal prices together with vegan restaurant density, user value rating, and free wifi accessibility to create a ranking metric for each city. 

Kraków, Poland tops the list of the most affordable cities to be vegan with an average vegan restaurant price of €11.19 for one meal and 50.95% of Vegan restaurants with prices under €20.11 (based on avg price range on tripadvisor). Polish delicacies can be well adapted to vegan-friendly alternatives with delicious options such as Pierogi, Golabki, Cabbage Rolls, and Bigos.

Mapped: The most affordable European cities go vegan this January 

In second place for the most affordable city to be vegan is Tallinn, Estonia with an average vegan restaurant price of €16.50. Alongside this, 43.45% of vegan restaurants are priced under €20.11. There are many plant-based options available in Tallinn whether you’re vegan or just want to try tasty and delicious food. Options range from vegan soups, burgers, curries, pastas and much more. 

In third place is Budapest, Hungary with an average vegan restaurant price of just €15.81 and 35.21% of vegan restaurants being priced under €20.11. Often finding vegan-friendly meals is a challenge, especially when you’re traveling. Fear not, when visiting this cosmopolitan European capital, you will be able to make the most of a wide range of affordable plant-based restaurants. The city is notoriously cheap to visit and this also extends to its vegan offering in which they have a courtyard full of vegan street food in the heart of the city. 

Coming in at number four is Ljubljana, Slovenia with an average vegan restaurant price of €16.57 and 34.96% of vegan restaurants being priced under €20.11. Ljubljana is the largest city in Slovenia and its capital. It is known as the greenest European city with the most public green space per capita and it is  also coincidentally green in terms of its vegan food availability with 6 exclusively vegan restaurants to visit, way more than the rest of Slovenia. So eating vegan in Ljubljana is not a nightmare with many local dishes easily veganised! 

Rounding off the top five is Bratislava, Slovakia with an average vegan restaurant price of  €12.99 as well as 78.58% of vegan restaurants priced under €20.11. Bratislava is steeped in medieval and gothic history, with it uniquely situated on the border of three countries. Despite all of its historical interest, its luscious green areas are what makes it a draw for tourists who are keen to see the picturesque sights promised in tourist guides. With the natural surroundings and wildlife being an integral part of the city, it is no surprise that there is an abundance of vegan friendly restaurants to suit the environmentally conscious traveler.

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