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Bali the most photographed island in the world

For those looking ahead to the summer, many eager holiday makers will have a list of dream destinations that they would like to visit.

With countless picturesque islands around the world to choose from, experts at buildyouraquarium.comanalysed which island  is the most photographed. 

To research this, buildyouraquarium.com created a seed list of the most popular islands around the world and then inputted each into Instagram using the variation #island to see the number of hashtags. 

The 10 Most Photographed Islands In The World

RankLocationIsland Number of  Instagram Hashtags
#1IndonesiaBali  68,700,000
#5South Asia Sri Lanka 12,100,000
#6Indian OceanMaldives10,000,000
#7ItalySardinia, Italy 8,200,000
#8Greece Santorini, Greece 7,000,000
#9Atlantic The Bahamas5,900,000
#10GreeceCrete, Greece5,300,000

In first position is Bali, Indonesia with an impressive 68,700,000 Instagram hashtags which is 79% higher than the closest competitor. A small yet beautiful island which is often the face of Indonesian tourism! 

In second position is Hawaii, USA with 38,400,000 Instagram hashtags. Given its reputation for magical sunsets, it is no wonder that this island comes out as one of the most featured on Insta. 

In third position is Ibiza, Spain. Known for its nightlife and as a party lover’s dream destination, this island has a healthy 18,000,000 Instagram hashtags. On the other hand Ibiza boasts the ideal sunny retreat for those seeking an escape from day-to-day life. 

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Ibiza comes in third place – Photo by riciardus on Pexels.com

Ranking fourth is Sicily, Italy with 15,700,000 Instagram hashtags. Sicily is not only one of Italy’s largest producers of wine, it is also known for its history with many referring to it as an ‘open air museum’, and its landmarks are some of the best preserved in the world.

Finally in fifth position is the island country of Sri Lanka with 12,100,000 Instagram hashtags. Perhaps most synonymous with endless beaches, timeless ruins, and revered elephants which attract tourists from all around the world.

Tips On What To Pack For Your Island Getaway

Spokesperson for buildyouraquarium.com Stefan Gheorghe reveals the essentials for a successful island escape: 

“Firstly, it is important to remember that many exotic islands, such as the Bahamas, will have extremely warm temperatures therefore you will be better with thin, lightweight clothing that still offers some protection from the sun. As you will likely be traveling on a ferry to said island, I recommend a water- resistant bag so any items, particularly electrical will not be damaged by water. 

Footwear is very important for all the exploration you will be doing. Therefore you should bring casual slip ons or sneakers that are worn in and won’t cause blisters. I would also suggest bringing plenty of SPF lip balm and sunscreen, as well as insect repellent and reusable plastic storage bags that are useful for storing wet swimwear. 

On the practical front, you don’t want to be caught short by not having an adaptor so you are able to charge the appliances you bring. Otherwise you may struggle to research things to do and also in case of emergencies a working phone is essential! On that note a back-up phone charger or portable charger is something to be remembered.”

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