Angelina Jolie Does Not Have The Most Attractive Smile In Hollywood

Actors and actresses are always expected to be camera ready, with premieres and TV appearances crucial to promote their latest films. With every public appearance, they are expected to dazzle with a Hollywood smile ready to greet the cameras. 

The study used a computer vision algorithm to approximate the geometric golden ratio of each celebritie’s smile and provides a whiteness ranking for each member’s teeth based on RGB colour estimates. A normalised rank was then calculated based on both the golden ratio approximation and the teeth whiteness rating. 


Actresses With The Most Attractive Smile

In first place, as the actress with the most attractive smile is the long-running Grey’s Anatomy actress and Golden Globe nominee Ellen Pompeo who scored5.90/10 for overall smile attractiveness, receiving  a golden ratio score of 53.93% and a teeth whiteness score of87.75%

Following on is Gal Gadot (5.90/10), who plays the title character of Wonder Woman. Gadot scores 45.10% for golden ratio approximation and 92.89% for teeth whiteness. In third position is Bridesmaids actress Melissa Mccarthy (5.45/10) who scores 59.08% for golden ratio approximation and 85.75% for teeth whiteness. 

In fourth position is Avengers actress Scarlett Johansson (5.45)with a golden ratio approximation of 62.43%and teeth whiteness 80.43%. In fifth position is Handmaid’s Tale actress Elisabeth Moss who has a golden ratio approximation of 47.51 and a teeth whiteness score of 87.88% with an overall rating of 5.00/10.

Actors With The Most Attractive Smile 

In first position is Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar who is known as one of the most prolific actors of Hindi cinema. He has the overall best smile of all actresses and actors at 9.04/10. Kumar’s golden ratio approximation score is 61.71 with an impressive 93.94% for teeth whiteness. 

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck, who has just rekindled his romance with JLo, takes second position! He scores an overall 6.36/10 with a golden ratio approximation score of 53.91% and a teeth whiteness score of 86.10%

In third position is Will Smith, renowned for his roles in I am Legend and Hancock. This acting icon, known for his wide grin, scores an overall 6.36/10 with a golden ratio approximation of 55.96% and teeth whiteness score of 82.22%. Then we have Adam Sandler, a Romcom favourite, who scores 5.91/10. For golden ratio approximation, Sandler scores 59.44% and for teeth whiteness, a very healthy 81.52%

Finally, we have heartthrob Ryan Reynolds with an overall score of 5.45/10. Surprisingly, Reynolds only scored 51.22% for his golden ratio approximation. Although he makes up for this with his high score of 82.57% for teeth whiteness. 

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