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Amazon Data Reveals Most Popular Autumn Garden Accessories

As colder weather sweeps the country, we look for ways to ensure that we can still make use of our gardens. But with so many autumn and winter garden accessories on offer to cater to everyone’s wish lists, which one is the most popular? sought to determine which autumn and winter garden accessories are the most popular by scraping data on the world’s largest online retailer Amazon. 

To find out more on the subject, a spokesperson from, Ștefan Gheorghe, gave a statement on the importance of certain autumn and winter garden accessories.

For the data in full, please see here 

Top 10 Most Popular Autumn and Winter Garden Accessories

Autumn and Winter Garden AccessoryGlobal Monthly Search Volume on Amazon
String Lights115,000
Bird Bath51,000
Hanging Chair25,000
Outdoor Lighting20,000
Outdoor Rugs14,000

The most popular autumn and winter garden accessory is string lights with an average of 115,000 global monthly searches on Amazon. It comes as no surprise that outdoor lighting is a priority for many as it enables people to stay outside for longer as the evenings draw in. Particularly, as we approach the festive season! Stefan Gheorghe from states that ‘good lighting encourages us to spend more time enjoying the natural environment and in turn has the potential to increase serotonin levels.’

In second position is blankets for anyone hoping to enjoy the crisp evenings with a warming hot chocolate in hand. This product has picked up an average of 59,000 global monthly searches on Amazon. 

In third position is the bird bath with 51,000 global average monthly searches on Amazon. Stefan Gheorghe from discusses the importance of looking after our garden this autumn, in particular bird baths: ‘at this time of year, sources of water become scarce for birds as many freeze over.  Bird baths provide a solution to this issue as birds are able to bathe in clean water and keep their feathers in good condition which is vital for them to keep warm.’ 

Meanwhile in fourth position is cushions with 40,000 global average monthly searches on Amazon. No doubt cushions come hand in hand with other accessories to ensure comfort when setting up your garden for colder weather.

In fifth position is the hanging chair with 25,000 global average monthly searches. Not only is this practical as it provides extra seating, it is also a fun addition and provides intrigue for both children and adults!

Stefan Gheorghe from provides 3 simple tips to prepare your garden for autumn/winter:

  • Garden layout– To avoid your garden looking bare as plants die, it is important to add structure. Wall gardens, hedges, and raised flower beds ensure that your garden is prepared for every time of year.
  • Create light– fairy lights and lanterns are a great way of providing light and can be hung on trees, draped over bushes, and can be hung over decking and other garden structures.
  • Adding scent– planting specific plants, such as witch hazel, is perfect for adding a wintery scent to your garden. Winter honeysuckle is also good for adding a lemony scent to your outdoor space.

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